Sneaker Cleaner


The cleaner for rubber soles is easy to use – with maximum effect: shake the bottle, hold it upside down and dab the cleaning lotion evenly with light pressure. Allow to work for a short time and wipe with a cloth. Treat stubborn dirt with a separate brush and rinse off with water. Then wipe the remaining foam with a cloth.

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To ensure that the pedag Sneaker Cleaner keeps the soles white for a long time, wash the sponge under running water after use.

Your secret weapon for clean sneakers is suitable for:

rubber soles
Insoles of sandals, slippers or clogs
Test on leather, colored textiles & prints on a hidden area before use.

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For rubber sole
For the love of sneakers: The pedag Sneaker Cleaner thoroughly removes dirt and discoloration from light rubber soles. It also cleans the insoles of sandals.-Cleaner for outer soles of shoes,

-Extremely effective in-depth cleaning
-Solvent-free; silicone-free
-100% biodegradable
-Can be used indoors
-Made in Germany