Active carbon insoles

Smell in work boots or hiking boots? The odor eater pedag Stop Odeur with extra strong active carbon puts an end to smelly shoes and cushions the foot for extra comfort.

  • highly effective against foot odor
  • two latex layers with different densities
  • cushions the forefoot
  • cushions the heel
  • can be cut to size
  • vegan

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Stop Odeur

Heavy shoes quickly smell unpleasantly. This is often the case when you wear them a lot during a hike or at work. Unpleasant odours can develop. The vegan active carbon insoles pedag Stop Odeur are real ” odor eaters ” thanks to the extra strong active carbon.

Anyone who has been on the road in their shoes for a long time also wants a pleasant cushion. pedag Stop Odeur can do just that – and in two ways: two latex layers with different densities optimally cushion the foot. The padding in the forefoot is pleasantly soft and thus offers relief. The cushion is firmer at the heel, which absorbs the impact and relieves pain.

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