Combi Set [ART.8301]


The Combi Cleaner in the pedag Combi Set cleans and cares for shoes, leather jackets and the like in one step. The leather cleaner removes salt marks, water marks and water-soluble stains and prepares the material perfectly for the subsequent intensive shoe care. The innovative booster valve produces a soft and effective foam.

The leather cleaner can fully unfold its cleaning effect with freshly smelling citrus power, e.g. also on braided leather, because it dries without residues when it has done its work. The Combi Cleaner also has a gentle side: lanolin cares, keeps the leather supple and retains its moisture.

Dream-Team: Combi Cleaner and Sponge like to work together, that’s why they’re both in the set! That’s fun to clean shoes.

The colorless leather cleaner is suitable for:

  • smooth leather
  • suede
  • brush leather
  • perlato leather
  • metallic leather
  • stretch
  • textile
  • synthetics
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.

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The set of Combi Cleaner and sponge cleans and nourishes your favourite pieces in one step. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to miss the care foam for leather, textiles & synthetics.

  • cleaning foam for all materials
  • cleans thoroughly with lime oil
  • cares with lanolin
  • also for salt edges
  • dries without residues
  • fine foam thanks to booster valve
  • Made in Germany